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Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk

With Zero Trust Policies and Training

Maintaining a strong security posture is an issue of strategic importance for individuals and organizations. Our Cyber Security solutions provide real-time monitoring to prevent intrusion, information loss, and threat intelligence needed to safeguard your critical systems and data while ensuring compliance

to minimize liability as well as unnecessary workflow stress.


Keystone Computer Advising will be glad to assess your needs, certify your compliance and keep you moving towards your real goals. Allow us to be your first line of defense.


We partner with:     

InterNetwork Service

InterNetwork Service is a boutique IT service provider for network planning, remediation,

installation, and maintenance.

If it connects to a network, then it's in our domain. We are as comfortable with OS X & Droid OS as with Windows-based systems and peripherals /devices. 


7 Key questions for your IT Service Provider

Updated technology infrastructure is critical for organizations to succeed in today's business environment. However, old technology can negatively impact your business. Managed service providers (MSPs) can help in this situation. 

Compromising your integrity with cybercrime, Increases stress, reducing lifespan and productivity. In addition, this approach creates clientele and customer frustration and dissatisfaction, duplicating efforts and investment.


Although we can provide you with solutions for these issues, make sure to be covered.


1.- Do you offer 24/7/ support? Most of our processes will take place without business or peak hours. We also work during your business employees' rest. 

2.- Do you perform regular risk assessments and remediation policies? We can help you to get this in place, along with continuous support and basic training to get ahead. 

3.- Do you have a plan B? We will make sure to minimize your downtime in case of a disaster or emergency. 

Are all your assets, employees, premises, and clients safe? Yes, We cover that too. 

4.- Do you have a defensive posture? Can you confidently say that you are not liable because you are compliant without paranoid states? We offer Hippa and PCI DSS compliance certificates along with proper policy and procedures the way they should be

5.- Is your company exploiting and exploring all your Software & Hardware capacity? Then, we will steer you in the right direction so you can become profitable and grow accordingly. 

6.- Will I have an account dedicated technician? Dealing with a certified expert, where you don't have to be repeating yourself to get results, is always A+

 7.- Do you partner with expert professionals and institutions? Yes, Not knowing all but knowing who is the best approach. Technology advising, proper management, and system architecture design take more than one opinion plus your interaction to get it right the first time. 

We Partner with the best only. 

 TEAM: Ricardo Melendez and Tom Updegrove

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