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Born and raised in Mexico City.


At age 13, I became fascinated with the launch of the Commodore 64 at the store "Aurrera" located in Plaza Universidad. I started to spend my free time learning how to program Basic V 3.0 and enlisted at electronic workshops in high school, which helps him further understand how computers worked. 


Early carrier

I landed a first part-time job at age 15 as a demonstrator helping commodore in Mexico to show how a teen could manage programming and code at the time, earning a commodore 128 system, peripherals, and as many programs as he could get his hands on. 

First Business

At age 19, He came to a beautiful paradise place, "Valle de Bravo Edo Mex." to search for fortune, starting with Alarmas de Valle creating a security company installing systems by Pittway corporation, Ademco, Motorola, and other security Brands to cover the security needs of a weekend vacation town. 


After a slow-growing business and my brother's offer to migrate to the states to help him on a Successful Restaurant, I decided to Migrate to the Conshohocken, PA Area and helped my dear brother for 9 Years, then decided to certified myself as a Supreme Court Spanish interpreter working at a Local Law Firm to help the community to communicate their needs. Having exceeded his expectations helping to aid two changes that help the local Montgomery County Hispanic community live with less fear of unfair deportations, he decided to go back to his passion and recertify himself on computer repair to attempt a short carrier at Best Buy Geek squad. Finding that employment not sufficient for his goals due to excessive corporate control over the ability to resolve issues for the clients, he then created Keystone Computer Advising to eventually set a new standard on a high-quality sphere of services for all technology users. 

I enrolled on Compt Tia A+ Certification and other certifications and courses until the present; my main goal is to achieve an Ethical Hacking Ver 11.0 to protect our clientele from combining functionality with security. 


Today his pursue for a better approach to make technology work for humanity is accompanied by a team of dreamers and experts just like him. I learned that it is best not to know it all but know who knows.  In the technology field as well as in life is best to work in synergy than by itself.

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