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Business and Commercial.

In today's commercial environment, profit is the blood oil that runs your machinery. But, when opening the doors of success, you may want to call an expert with the correct key. So, allow us to Unlock your true potential by putting all your technology needs in our hands. 

First view!

In Office Initial consultation and advising. Meet with your lead technician in person to develop a success path for your company.  Making technology work in pro of your productivity is always best instead of repairing or making it right after a failure. 

From the ground up

On a starter business or project, it is essential to get the right technology to obtain the best economy. Suppose you feel like effectively making a profit. Give us a call. We count on various services from initial architecture on technology hardware and software (servers, cameras, access control) to (Web design, Inventory/Point of sale, and HR controls.

Build the proper foundation!

Web development

Having the right tools is a horizon of possibilities for your business. Whether you need to migrate or build a new website, we can provide you with custom solutions to grow your audience, delivering the correct information and functionality to be your customer's first choice. 

Service Call 

If something goes south, We will make sure not only to resolve the issue ASAP, but we will make sure the rest of your functionality is not compromised. Once we take a look at one of your issues, we not only stop there, but we make sure it does not happen again and see the big picture to make further recommendations to enhance your systems. 

Service Policy and Plans

Our comprehensive coverage and attention best support your productivity and functionality. Less downtime means better productivity.

Managed technology, peripherals, and hardware will allow you to manage your assets best, control your areas or enhance productivity.

  • Access Controls

  • Server and Terminal services

  • Physical & Virtual firewalls

  • Classes and Training

  • Video Security

  • Burglar and asset protection


  • Hardware tracking systems

  • Specialty electronic solutions

  • Smartphone systems

  • Radio communication.

  • Mobile Fleet tracking

  • Specialty inventory and point of sale

    • Plus More​

Who we are!


Keystone Computer Advising!

Ricardo Melendez, Owner, and operator of Keystone Computer Advising, have a Vision that is enforcing users to use technology instead of allowing technology to profit from users. 

Our slogan is: "Technology on pro of humanity, not the other way around."

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