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Version update or migration from an old website. 




  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Up to three Services page
  • Resource and articule page 
  • Internal company resources and file managment
  • Contact page and advance form page + interactive questionares
  • Internal data base managmet (Client and agenda Managment)
  • Subscription base users
  • 3 Advance interactive galleries 
  • Google Listing take over ownership and admin rigths.
  • Photo migration from old site up to 100 images
  • Professional FaceBook and Instagram link inclusion or page generation
  • Basic SEO corrections and listings. 
  • Maintenance and support during the iduration of subscription.
  • 1 Extra page added per year subscription.
  • Potential to grow exponentially to higer levels of functionality. 
  • Web site security included. 
  • Domain migration, you must own domain or have user name and passwords. 
  • Contact Page pointing to your present e-mail. 1 Dedicated inbox on your domain
  • Mobile Site included.
  • Web analitics and reports as requested up to once a month
  • Hability to edit your own design from a dedicated console.


Only 50% to start your project. 

Ready in 15 to 30 business days as soon as all information has being generated by client including initial payment. 


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